Daniela Vettori
Via Paolo Lioy, 9-13
36100 Vicenza (VI)
tel: +39 0444 323855
fax: +39 0444 544048
Company Profile
Producer of hand-made jewellery in yellow 18k also with precious stones (diamonds) and unusual semi-precious stones. Designs are made stricly by Daniela Vettori and they are unique pieces of limited production. At this moment we distribute our product with brand "Daniela Vettori" in the United States, Japan, Northen Europe, Portugal, Brazil and Italy.
Product Categories
bangles, bracelets, clasps, crosses, cuff-links, earrings, hand-made chains, key holders, mens jewelry , money clips, necklaces, pendants, pins, rings, sets, wedding rings, zodiacs
gold 18K
1113 VI
Italian Trade Commission
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