Bibigi' SRL
Via del Pratone, 10
15046 San Salvatore Monferrato (AL)
tel: +39 0131 237012
fax: +39 0131 237955
Company Profile
Since 1979, the experience, a good deal of entrepreneurial spirit and a natural talent for the beauty, made in Valenza, design and quality create a collection signed Bibigi. It's a company with values handed on in time and is now headed with the offspring that will soon take up the lead of the group. The company takes part in all the most important shows in Italy and in the world.
Product Categories
bracelets, brooches, childrens jewelry, clasps, crosses, cuff-links, cultured pearls, diamonds, earrings, enamels, natural pearls, necklaces, pendants, rings, semi-precious stones, wedding rings
gold 18K
2155 AL
Italian Trade Commission
1900 Avenue of the Stars,
Suite 350
Los Angeles, CA 90067
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