D'Elia Company
Via E. De Nicola, 21
80059 Torre del Greco (NA)
tel: +39 081 8811797
fax: +39 081 8811908
Company Profile
The D'Elia family of Torre del Greco is proud to have pionereed the manufactoring and international marketing of hand-carved cameos created exclusively by their skilled italian artists. The D'Elia product line consists of loose cameo shells and cameos mounted in 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. Each cameo completed in the D'Elia factory is rigorously controlled for quality and size. Each and every D'Elia cameo is completely custom-carved by hand. And carved by the hands of D'Elia's fine craftsmen, each is a truly unique piece - a miniature work of art. The Slight differences in the carving of one D'Elia cameo from another marks them as orginals and baspeaks the superb craftsmanship of Italy. One of the first families of the cameo carving town of Torre del Greco in the province of Campania, Italy, to estabilish an office in New York City many years ago. D'Elia Cameos have been on the international market for over five generations. The product line portrayed in the D'Elia cameo catalogue are representative of the entire line of loose and mounted cameos, lamps, paper-weights, ect. True "jewels of the sea2, hand-crafted in Torre del greco, Italy are available to you now.
Product Categories
antique style jewelry, bracelets, cameos, childrens jewelry, clasps, corals, crosses, cuff-links, cultured pearls, earrings, filigree, natural pearls, necklaces, pendants, rings, rosaries, sets, steel and gold jewelry, tie clips
gold 10K, gold 14K, gold 18K, gold 8K, gold 9K, gold and silver, platinum, silver 800, silver 835, silver 925
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