OroZen SRL
Via Col Roigo, 36
36060 Cittá Romano d’Ezzelino (VI)
tel: +39 0424 34691
fax: +39 0424 36432
Company Profile
OroZen is a natural evolution of the CZ goldsmith company established in 1979 in Romano d’Ezzelino (Vicenza). For more than 30 years OroZen has been working with passion precious materials such as Gold and Silver, combining the tradition of Italian handcraft to the latest technological advances in design and manufacturing. Output ranges over devotional art items and the OroZen’s line of pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrings decorated with stones and pearls.
Product Categories
antique style jewelry, bangles, bank-note clips, bracelets, brooches, childrens jewelry, costume jewelry, cuff-links, earrings, enamels, furnishing items, hand-made chains, key holders, lockets, medals, necklaces, pendants, precision casting, rings, rosaries, sets, silver scultures, tabletop items, tie clips, zodiacs
gold 10K, gold 14K, gold 18K, gold 8K, gold 9K, gold and silver, silver 800, silver 835, silver 925
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