Chilleri Factory SNC di Chilleri Stefano e Giovanna
Via Borgo San Jacopo, 5
50125 Firenze (FI)
tel: +39 055 2398645
fax: +39 055 2398645
Company Profile
Our shop boasts traditional craftsmanship from times past and the mysteries of gold working are handed down through the generations. In our workshop, with artistic sensitivity and knowledge of gold working technique, fine jewelry in gold and platinum with precious, semi-precious and hard stones are made, as well as small sculpture that is destined to enthrall and endure through time. We propose to you our jewelry inspired by some of the great artists that have lived and created in Florence.
Product Categories
bracelets, brooches, cuff-links, earrings, enamels, hand-made chains, medals, mens jewelry , necklaces, pendants, rings, sets, silver scultures, zodiacs
gold 18K, gold and silver, platinum, silver 925
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