Vieri Spa
Via Monte Asolon, 67
36022 Cassola (VI)
tel: +39 0424 3899
fax: +39 0424 3898
Company Profile
Vieri produces a wide array of machine-made chains from 8 to 22 karats in a big variety of lights weights, designs and colours. Vieri can boast of having a widespread domestic and international distribution thanks to a well-grounded sales network reaching to every corner of the world. The new manufacturing facility in Cassola, with its area of 7500 s.m. and its cutting-edge equipment is the proof of how much Vieri invests in its growth to stay projected into the future.
Product Categories
bracelets, childrens jewelry, machine-made chains, necklaces
gold 10K, gold 14K, gold 18K, gold 8K, gold 9K
944 VI
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