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20123 Milano (MI)
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KWM Exclusives, Inc.
1345 Lincoln Road, PH3
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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fax: 305 675 5963
contact: Wolfgang Mockel
Company Profile
Antonini was established in 1919 in Milan, Italy. In 2009 the company celebrated its 90th anniversary by totally renovating its image and advertising, while focusing on cutting edge design and the quality of the traditional Italian craftsmanship. After almost one century of business Antonini jewels can be found in the most prestigious jewelry shops and department store around the world. All pieces are handcrafted in Italy using the traditional Italian methods that are today synonymous with outstanding quality, featuring innovative designs inspired by passion and expertise. The classical tradition of luxury jewelry is renovated through contemporary design, a tribute to a long history of love and passion for jewels. ANTONINI jewelry, which has always been designed and crafted in Italy, has maintained the outstanding quality and inimitable style that have brought it worldwide success since 1919
Product Categories
bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings
gold 18K
1272 MI
Italian Trade Commission
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