Casco Srl
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80059 Torre del Greco (NA)
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Company Profile
The shell and coral carving center of Casco Srl uses a method thousands of years old. The use of steel gravers with handles, fitting the hand, are used in a timeless tradition of master craftmanship. The master carver will select the shell to be used, outline the number of cameos to be obtained from that shell and then suprvise the entire carving process. With these incredibly sharp precision tools, the most intricate details can be obtained. This explains why cameos have turned out to be such an "INVESTMENT" to be handed down from generation. No matter what profile or scene you choose, it is sure to be an "Investment" that will be cherished. Cameo jewelry is not only an investment fot the purchaser but a gift for the next generation!
Product Categories
bracelets, cameos, corals, crosses, cultured pearls, earrings, filigree, mens jewelry , mountings, natural pearls, necklaces, ornamental stones, pendants, religious items , rings, rosaries, semi-precious stones, sets, turquoise
gold 14K, gold 18K, gold 9K, platinum, silver 925
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