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Cameo: Cameo (noun), plural - eos A gem specifically carved in relief: especially; a small piece of sculpture on a stone or shell cut in relief in one layer with another contrasting layer serving as background; A small medallion with a profiled head in relief; An art originated in Asia and spread to ancient Greece and Rome, it was revived during the Renaissance and in the Victorian era. Truly timeless, cameos have been part of fashion history for more than two thousand years, for they endow any outfit with grace. Ancient Greeks carved cameos to represent their gods and goddesses, myths and legends. While they were always popular, they were particularly coveted in the early nineteenth century, when wealthy Americans touring Europe discovered the carvings of Italian cameo makers. Carved from a single piece of Mediterranean conch shell, their relief carved, pink-tinged image gives way to a salmon-to-brown layer of shell used as contrasting background. Cameos are very versatile as they can be worn as pins, pendants, bracelets, earrings or rings. When accessorizing today's relaxed fashions, cameos make an even more stunning statement. M+M Scognamiglio has been carving cameos for several generations in Torre Del Greco, Italy - a seat of the art for more than a century. The company's present success and reputation is due to the strength created through the combination of the ideas coming from the owner Michele Scognamiglio, the designs created by Marisa Scognamiglio, and the work of highly talented sculptors.
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bracelets, brooches, cameos, earrings, necklaces, pins, rings
gold 14K, gold 18K
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