Sinico Walter S.r.l.
Via Mattarella, 16
36043 Camisano (VI)
tel: +39 0444 610850
fax: +39 0444 410185
Company Profile
Company SINICO WALTER S.R.L. was established in Camisano Vicentino in 1969 and its purpose is the production of microcasted jewellery with stones. The company produces 3 main collections represendet by: -SINICO line, setted with cubic zircons. -SI GIOIELLI line, setted with diamonds and precious stones. -OSE GIOIELLI innovative line for man with diamonds. What distinguishes the company is the high professionality, quality and technology at all the levels, the will of grow and develop always keeping its original artisanal mark and love for details that characterized it since the beginning.
Product Categories
bangles, bracelets, childrens jewelry, crosses, cultured pearls, diamonds, earrings, enamels, mountings, necklaces, ornamental stones, pendants, pins, precision casting, rings, semi-precious stones, sets, wedding rings, zodiacs
gold 14K, gold 18K
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