Aucella S.r.l.
Via V. Veneto, 37
80059 Torre del Greco (NA)
tel: +39 081 8812545
fax: +39 081 8827700
Company Profile
FOUR GENERATIONS FOUR GENERATIONS Eighty years of praise as a way of doing entrepreneurship and producing beauty, feeling, and culture. Family, tradition, craftsmanship, imagination, shop, and market and, of course, corals, cameos, and jewels: Aucellas’ history is all into these eighty years, from 1930 to today. The Aucellas themselves ironically define their history as “a mysterious disease”. This mystery probably lies in the passion that has involved three generations and now also the fourth.
Product Categories
cameos, corals
gold 10K, gold 14K, gold 18K, gold 8K, gold 9K, silver 925
700 NA
Italian Trade Commission
1900 Avenue of the Stars,
Suite 350
Los Angeles, CA 90067
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