Zydo SRL
Via Achille Papa 30
20149 Milano (MI)
tel: +39 02 87236950
fax: +39 02 87236974
U.S. Contact:
Italian Jewelry of America Inc.
2 West 46th street
New York, New York 10036
tel: 212 421 2608
fax: 212 421 1281
contact: Eli Zybert (CEO)
Company Profile
From its very beginning in 1972, Zydo jewelry has been designed and crafted with elegance, innovation, exclusivity and style. Hosting 100% of its production in Valenza Italy, Zydo ensures the finest quality of production that can only be expected from Italy's craft masters. The exceptionally superior quality as well as Zydo's innovative design makes every Zydo jewel a precious work of art that transcends trends and becomes a timeless treasure of luxury
Product Categories
bank-note clips, bracelets, brooches, cuff-links, diamonds, earrings, key holders, necklaces, pendants, rings, sets, watches, wedding rings
gold 18K, platinum, silver 925
Italian Trade Commission
1900 Avenue of the Stars,
Suite 350
Los Angeles, CA 90067
tel. (323) 879-0950 | fax. (310) 203-8335 | losangeles@ice.it