La Nouvelle Bague S.p.A.
Corso dei Tintori, 21
50122 Firenze (FI)
tel: +39 055 244911
fax: +39 055 2479090
Company Profile
La Nouvelle Bague was born twenty years ago in Florence, where \"humanity empties itself to be filled with inexpressible wonder.\" Lea and Leopoldo Poli, owners of the firm, made its headquarters on the banks of the Arno in the ancient Palazzo Bobbicci Pontelli. Thus the working atmosphere is shaped by the classic architecture and the beautiful frescoes. \"Our relationship with Florence,\" says Leopoldo Poli, \"is based on the great, unique Florentine tradition of the goldsmith\'s art as all that the city represents in art, architecture and culture. The new man of the Renaissance was born here and we are inspired to produce for today\'s world.\" La Nouvelle Bague is a combination of the master goldsmith\'s workshop with today\'s methods of marketing on an international scale. La Nouvelle Bague respects and appreciates the high tradition of the Florentine goldsmith, but draws inspiration for its designs in today\'s stimuli, in artistic forms of every variety, and takes symbols, signs, codes and ciphers, develops forms recomposes rhythms, and re-examines meanings, making them all part of its own intene and original creative vision.
Product Categories
bracelets, brooches, diamonds, earrings, jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, necklaces, rings, watches
gold 18K, silver 925
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